Jam of the Day: Norfair (Brawl Version) by Yuzo Koshiro (Super Smash Bros. Brawl Soundtrack)

I’ve been writing a lot about Metroid music this week. Not just here, but in a long form piece I wrote on the series’ music as well. But hey, somebody’s gotta celebrate Metroid’s 25th anniversary if Nintendo won’t.

This remix comes from the Brawl soundtrack courtesy of Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage, Actraiser). Norfair’s theme in the original Metroid has always been a strange tune. Koshiro’s take on it does a good job of modernizing it without losing the original weirdness of Hirokazu Tanaka’s version. Yet another great arrangement from the Brawl soundtrack.

Jam of the Day: RELOADED by Soy-SOUTH (ROCKMAN Kai Arrange shitemita!!)

The Rockman Kai album is certainly a strange one. A lot of different artists and styles are featured on here and it’s almost exclusively a vocal album. I don’t normally like vocal arrangements of instrumental game songs, but this is a special case. Soy-SOUTH’s rendition of Napalm Man (Mega Man 5) rocks too hard to ignore.

Napalm Man’s theme is one I’ve had on the brain quite a lot lately as I recently participated in a remix battle using it. I had to combine it with various other classic Mega Man themes and I ended up with 3 remixes before finally getting knocked out of the competition. You can hear them on my bandcamp.