Jam of the Day: Untitled Track (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

There’s a lot of uncertainty in today’s post, but after hearing it I just had to share. This track was posted by XIII-2 Synth Programmer Keiji Kawamorion on the Square-Enix Music Blog. While he mentions everybody involved in the performance, I haven’t been able to confirm the composer. Masashi Hamauzu is the game’s main composer, but I didn’t see him referenced in the post. I am told this will be a battle theme for a Bahamut fight, but I haven’t seen that confirmed through official channels either.

If this is an indication of what Final Fantasy XIII-2’s soundtrack will be like, I am on board. I love to see a series branch out to other musical styles when it works. Coincidentally, I was just thinking about that while listening to the Crystal Bearers soundtrack earlier today.

Performance Credits:
Guitar: “Mr. Shigekazu” (I’m assuming Shigekazu Kamaki)
Bass: Kentaro Nakao
Drums: Takashi Kashiwakura
Violin: Mr. Hiroshi Manabe
Piano: Takuro IGA
Engineer: Mr. Seigo Sugai

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